What is orangery roof?

When it comes to construction, there are several ways in which the building can be built and many other several ways in which the construction of the roof can be carried out by the roofer. Orangery is a type of building that is built on the concept of the green-house and patio shades. As plants are kept safe and suitable conditions are provided for the growth of the variety of plants, similar arrangement are made in the orangery to support the growth of the small trees and orange plants. The main purpose behind building the architecturally beautiful orangery is to support the growth of as many orange trees as possible. The orangeries designs rooffavors this purpose the most.

The whole building is constructed in a way that can encourage the plants growth, provide a beautiful extension to the house and can be a source of entertainment for the guests. A special architecture is hired who designs the building that is favorable for the growth of the orange trees. It is usually built facing south to let maximum amount of sunlight come in. The cross ventilation within the building is maintained and other factors are regulated as well, most of them by the orangery designs conservatory itself.